Score….NW1 Earned

I would be remiss if I did not include the NW1 Title earned.  As a team I am so proud we were able to accomplish this in the first try and end up in the top 8.    We just took it one area at a time.  In the end consistency won the day with 30 to 40 second times for each search across the board.






Similar to this photo, the stickler for many dog handler teams was the interior video arcade room with stomped on fries and dark black light environment.  Basically it was easier for the dog to see, so handlers had to have a good sense of space to avoid getting distracted in the dim dark areas.


Trials and such

Wow days are flying by and I have no pictures to show for all our hard work. It’s so tough to remember to take photos during events since so much is going on as a flurry of activity.

With that said, I am really proud that Kkai is taking all things in stride, literally.   Today’s events running on dirt proved challenging for many when cutting and turning.  Quite a few handlers slipped and fell. The right shoes and having doggie nails trimmed are a big asset!

Lest we are completely devoid of any photos, I am including a picture of one of my friends and her awesome little bronze dog.  I can’t thank her enough for all her help and support when I am with Kai girl.  Great mentors are an awesome thing.