Adventures on the East Coast

VT is very green and dog friendly.  One could consider it an eastern version of the mountainous upper elevations in forested New Mexico.







Lots of historic homes and barn architecture… Nice to see elements of the past cherished and preserved as part of VT culture.












The above photo  is a nice example of a paint washed saltbox home, typical of the northern east coast.


With “dog friendly” areas comes some off leash encounters with other dogs, quite a lot actually on a weekend.











Most individuals were respectful and leashed up their dog, resulting in fewer incidents of “trash talk” among  dogs who were unfamiliar with each other. The trail to the top was stunning and the temps made for comfortable walks.


Here is a view from the peak


Since it was Flag day it seemed appropriate enough to visit some historic cemeteries (being respectful of the properties by not allowing pups to  pee on head stones).


Quite a few revolutionary war and civil war veterans are at rest in the New England region.

Based on  Joshua’s age at death, this individual is approx 65 at the time of enlistment into the civil war. He lived a long life on par with the average life span today.  I guess with a lot of luck, a bit of grit, and some vinegar it took him far into his senior yrs.  The majority of VT men enlisted did not return from the civil war.


Yes, mother nature also paints paisley on tombstones in the region. Thought this was pretty cool.

We even stopped to smell the flowers.  It was so nice to be able to relax at dinner with outdoor seating readily available and also have the dogs provided a bowl of water by the wait staff.  I wish all towns were so dog friendly.


No time for slacking though….. we fit in some “sniff work” at regional retailers as well.  Yep the dogs put their best nose forward and were quite at home in search mode.  We worked on entry finds and you can see he is immediately orienting to the direction of the hide.


We were even able to throw some culture in for good measure.


Best of all we were able to meet with friends and talk dog, and all such related things….. vacation time well spent!