Harness Review

Recently we had an opportunity to try out the Freedom No Pull Harness by Wiggles, Wags and Whiskers.

Although “obedience” is pretty much down pat, there are those moments when one asks “why did the squirrel cross the road”…..of course in our direction in streaming traffic. Any hunting dog worth their puppy pride will be sure to take note of prancing rodents regardless where they appear.  My dog is no exception, and it is at these times that a harness like this is beneficial to keep things from getting a bit too “squirrely” in urban areas.







(click on image to see harness up close)


Fit:  Comfortably snug , yet flexible enough to allow appropriate pressure on chest reducing tug force at the neck that can close off air way. If one also uses redirection in training it all pairs up quite well covering all bases.

Size: The product comes in a 5/8″ width, in medium (rarely seen in other harnesses btw). We found it perfect for a medium moderate sized dog of trimmer sleeker build, reducing bulk that can be bothersome for some animals. The harness has a velvet under strap that fits behind the front legs preventing chafing and irritation as well, if fitted properly.  To top it off, the product comes in multiple assorted colors.


Easy to disassemble or reassemble since the harness comes apart with two buckle snaps on either side (right and left).  It slips over the dog’s head quickly with no twisting or manipulation of limbs that many dogs hate in suiting up. The multiple leash configuration set up provides options that best suit the walker relieving strain on human arms or back.   Depending on the pull factor of your dog the configuration can be set for better leverage and restraint through front chest loop and or top loop, or even as a single leash.  We found clipping behind the shoulders and front of chest for dogs that pull hard to be most effective, or behind shoulders and to collar (as pictured) for “pullers” that can contort to escape.

The only disadvantage I can see is the leash attachment may be a bit short (only 4 ft of distance) for a taller person when double clipped. It’s not too much of an issue right now if in the city though.

Yep, overall I am “liken” it!
Squirrel tested and Kai approved