Do dogs hug? …. Possibly, in their own way.

The tail communicates so many things and when flexible enough it provides one more way to to signal bits of information.

In fact, I have witnessed my brindle casually draping a tail across the back of it’s roomie as they stand together surveying a view side by side.
I unfortunately miss photo ops of these fleeting moments though because of the randomness of the behavior.

This photo however, is a per chance lucky snapshot of a similar behavior as one canine wraps its tail around neck of the other.  My brindle could have dropped its tail to a straight position or moved away, but instead chooses to seemingly curl it’s tail up.  (BTW no dogs are in heat and sp/neuter is the norm here.)







It is interesting behavior none the less, and I won’t make more of it than to say, if they did not get along so well I suspect that they would not have such close contact and mutual camaraderie.  It’s great when dogs can have a “BFF” too!